Spring 2011

January 28, 2011

I finished section 1 and dove into section 2. I think I'm going to look into HTTP further. For next week I want to go through RFC 2616 which describes HTTP.
I'm finding it interesting the way protocols like conversation. I'm used to computer languages which are programming languages where everything is an instruction. In conversation I might just mention that I'm a CS student to you and you might choose to ignore it if it doesn't really apply. In much the same way Google tells my computer that it's running the GWS web server which my computer will probably then ignore but, on the off chance that it does apply it's actually useful. I find this really interesting.
I started into a ruby tutorial. I think I will really like ruby. It has a lot of features I appreciate about python and lack a lot of python's problems. I want to get a rails server running, possibly on Big Blue.
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