Sustainability Initiatives Coordination

Many students, faculty, and staff, believe that coordinating the various sustainability efforts at Marlboro is a necessary task to furthering the initiative as a whole. There have been many different courses, community projects, and coordinating initiatives on campus fueled by the ethic of sustainability. But the campus must understand the various projects. This page is dedicated to understanding the web of sustainable initiatives that Marlboro has had.

How to Use This Page

This page is the hub for sustainability project coordination and a central repository for information dedicated to ensuring continuity across generations of students, faculty, and staff. List items on this page with just enough information so people know what it is, then link to a new page to include more information (putting double square brackets around words will link to a page with that name or create a new page if it doesn't already exist). Cite your sources whenever possible. Please add whatever information you have to inform the community.

Current Projects

List projects that are current and active.

Long-term or Ongoing Projects

List projects that are on the back burner for now or that are expected to take years to complete.

Projects in the Planning Phase

Discuss and plan projects here.

Relevant Committees

Any group that has business dealing with sustainability issues. On your pages, tell us what you're working on and what you've accomplished. If you have a separate website, link to it from this page, instead.

History of Sustainability at Marlboro

Unified, narrative summary article: History of Sustainability at Marlboro
Discuss things that have happened here. If there's a particular report or document, put it in the next section, though you can talk about its historical context here.

Marlboro-specific Resources

The information bank for reports, documents, data sheets, studies, and other resources to help all community members make informed plans when they approach sustainability projects. The better informed the community, the more likely individuals will make good decisions. Upload original documents to "resources" on the left sidebar, link to the upload directly from this page, and create a new page about the document to discuss it or point out its highlights. Listed in approximately chronological order.

General Resources

Develop and discuss resources about sustainability topics such as solar energy, recycling, and food systems in general. Not specific to the Marlboro campus.
Please see Noah Burke, Kenton Card, Mairead Delaney, Nicole Hammond, Isaac Lawrence, or Nick Legowski to discuss further courses/ sustainability/ home
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