Spring 2017


  due Thu Jan 26

information entropy 1

  due Thu Feb 2

information entropy 2, huffman 1

  due Thu Feb 9

moby dick

  due Thu Feb 16

dot product

  due Thu Feb 23

lossy compression

  due Thu Mar 2


  due Thu Mar 9

error correcting ideas

  due Tue Apr 4

linear codes 1

  due Tue Apr 11

hamming codes

  due Tue Apr 18


  due Fri May 5

Final Project

I) start an ascii text file original.txt II) compress it to | | prepare III) error-correct encode to encoded.yyy | IV) simulate transmission errors transmitted.yyy by flipping random bits with probability e. (For a really good time, you could put in burst errors or malicious errors.) V) correct errors | | restore VI) uncompress final.txt |

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