Spring 2017


 title:   Algorithms
 number:  NSC469
 faculty: Jim Mahoney
 credits: 4
 time:    Tue/Thu 10am - 11:20am
 place:   Sci 217
 level:   intermediate
 prereq:  some programming and discrete math
 work:    weekly assignments and midterm/final projects
 text:    Problem Solving with Algorithms 
          and Data Structures using Python, 2nd ed. 
          by  Bradley Miller & David Ranum
          ISBN 1590282574 ,
          interactive online version :

          (We will likely use other online sources as well.)
  	  A close look at some the classic computer science 
          recipes and the ideas behind them. Topics will include 
          big O notation, data structures such as queues and heaps, 
          sorting, trees, graphs, and a variety of other topics 
          such as compression or crypto. This is an intermediate 
          level foundation course, strongly recommended for folks 
          considering further work in computer science. The primary 
          programming language this semester will be python. courses/ spring2017/algorithms/ syllabus
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