Spring 2013


Time and Place: Sci217, Fri 11.30am-12.50pm Instructors: Daniel Kalla, Bill Mortimer, Matt Ollis Level: Introductory Prerequisites: None Credits: 2
We study the principles and methods of data visualization and apply them to issues that affect us here on the hill. Most of our attention will be on quantitative data, including recognizing when a quantitative approach is not the most effective option. The issues we examine are the ones about which the class cares. Students are encouraged to get involved with Town Meeting Committees, Faculty Committees and other groups on campus and to use appropriate issues from those groups as the substance of their work in the class. Ultimately, the data work that we do should be taken back to those groups to share new insight and to inform their actions regarding our lives at the college. We use the open source statistical software R; no prior computing experience is expected.
Note: There is some content overlap with Statistics (NSC123). Students who have taken (or are concurrently taking) Statistics may either take this course for 1 credit or pursue the work here in more depth.
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academic integrity

You are expected to be aware of the college's policy on academic integrity and to abide by it. Please come and talk to us if anything is unclear.

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