Calculus 2

Spring 2013



We build on the theory and techniques developed in Calculus. After a recap of the material that will be assumed, we'll start on the "core" of the course, whose topics will be: an introduction to differential equations, hyperbolic functions, integration techniques, uses of integration, polar coordinates, complex numbers, sequences and series, and power series. We will cover at least one more topic, or look at one or more of these in more depth, the choice to be determined by the interests of the class.
The core will approximately follow chapters six through ten of Strang's Calculus with a few omissions to be announced as we go.
This website will grow as the course progresses, and house assignments, grades, etc. See the links on the left for more.

academic integrity

You are expected to be aware of the college's policy on academic integrity and to abide by it. Please come and talk to me if anything is unclear. courses/ spring2013/calc2/ home
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