The Life
of Stars

Spring 2009


Welcome to The Life of Stars, Spring 2009
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Course Information

    Course Number: NSC585
    Time: M Th, 3:30 - 4:50, and a 1 hour lab on Thursday nights (Time TBD).
    Place: Sci 117A
    Texts: An Introduction to the Sun & Stars edited by Simon Green and Mark Jones.
    Prerequisites: None
    Credits: 3
    Course Overview: This is an introductory level survey of stellar astronomy designed to be accessible to non-science majors. Up to spring break the course discussions will cover the basics of observational astronomy, the interstellar medium, and stellar birth and evolution. For the remainder of the course students will break up into groups and undertake a significant observing project using the MacArthur Observatory located in the woods behind Out of the Way.
    Assignments and Grading: Each student will be expected to keep a detailed observing journal of both in-class and personal observations of the sky. These journals will be collected at the end of the semester for grading and will be worth 20% of the course grade. Specific details of what should be included in these journals will be discussed in class. There will be quizzes and occasional homework assignments throughout the semester worth a total of 20%. A significant final term project that will be the focus of the second half of the course will be worth 40%. This project will require each student to submit a 10-15 page paper including figures and each group to give a presentation to the class. The final 20% of the grade will be based on class participation.

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