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Spring 2006


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So the thing i was talking about in terms of the displaying things is saved in this pdf file.
Here's a page on rubiks cube.
Here's some new stuff. So there.
This line has spaces like this.
Anyone else having difficulty with uploading a text file to their web directory? Or rather, accessing it? Every time I try it says that it's forbidden. I've worked on it for over an hour and a half and tried to save it in a million different formats. -Katie
So i am thinking we need to be shown how to have this text space do a word wrap in this box... -Nate


It will not work! (Jonathan)

I have tried to load my meager webpage onto the server for a good hour now to no avail.
  • I went up on the Marlboro webpage and looked up putting up a page. The site told me to make a
folder called "html" and call my file "webpage.html" on akbar home. After doing this I put in the URL it said I should use


is what I got
here is the link, I think."> click here, and you'll see I'm trying to get these things handed in for homework"> click here, and you'll see where I DID put it courses/ spring2006/intro_internet/ wiki/ wiki
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