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Spring 2006



title Introduction to the Internet term Spring 2006 credits 3 time MWF 10:30 - 11:20 place Sci 217 level Intro faculty Jim Mahoney prereq none


How does the internet work? How do I make a web page? Does WWW really stand for World Wide Wait? This course will introduce you to some of the technologies behind the internet, including the network stuff going on behind the scenes, the HTML markup language and how to craft web sites, a touch of history and 'net culture, and an intro to JavaScript programming. We'll also practice basic computer skills with text files, images, editors, servers, and all that.
Expect weekly assignments, both in reading and discussing the internet and in the nuts and bolts of web pages and what-not. Your grade will be based on (a) homework assignments, (b) a mid-term web project, and (c) a final term web project. Both projects will be websites that you create, with a variety of bells and whistles. We may have a quiz or two along the way; I haven't decided yet.
All work should be submitted through the course website, where you can also see my comments and grades.
Since this is a 3 credit course, you should expect to spend about 120 hours (including class time) over the 13 week term, or about 6 hours per week outside of clas - though your mileage may vary depending on your background and skills.

rough schedule

Mondays 1 Jan 23 chap 1,2 : basic skills & ideas 2 31 chap 3,4,5 : HTML basic tags 3 Feb 6 chap 6 : images & HTTP 4 13 chap 7 : tables 5 20 online : CSS 1 + design issues 6 27 online : CSS 2 + interesting sites 7 Mar 6 1st projects & catch up -- spring break -- 8 27 chap 9 : Javascript intro 9 Apr 3 chap 10,11 : more Javascript 10 10 chap 12,13 : more Javascript 11 17 online : multimedia 12 24 TBA 13 May 1 2nd project presentations
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