Fall 2012



Calculus is one of the great products of human intellectual endeavour. It involves taming the infinite and the infinitesimal to develop techniques that have applications throughout the sciences and beyond. In this course we'll spend a little time developing the theoretical underpinnings of Calculus, a little time looking at the historical development and underlying philosophy, and a lot of time understanding the two main tools of Calculus---the derivative and the integral---and how they can be deployed to solve a wide variety of problems.
The course will approximately follow the first six chapters of Strang's Calculus with a few omissions to be announced as we go and bits from Chapters~7 and~8 and other sources added. This book is part of an MIT ``OpenCourseWare" module and we shall use further resources from that and other online sources.
This website will grow as the course progresses, and house assignments, grades, etc. See the links on the left for more.

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