Week February 2

Welcome, Introduction, Sun, Soil, Water; Taking Measurements; The Project of Design, Meet Your Graph Paper ; Addressing Garden Challenges, Thinking in terms of Depletion, Getting Started

Week February 9

Soil Preparation, Perennial Plantings, Orcharding and Woody Agriculture; Permaculture, Seed Starting and Variety Selection, Building and Maintaining Fertility, Calorie Crops, Beginning to Plan, Container Gardening Design Project 1 – A Courtyard Garden

Week February 16

Transforming a City or Suburban Lot, Dealing with Zoning, Small Space and Urban Gardens, Small Livestock and Polyculture; Finding More Land; Gardening Cheaply, Gardening in an Unstable Climate, Design Project 2 – A Suburban Yard

Week February 23

Community and Garden; The CSA Model, Making Money, Children's Gardens, Year-Round Gardening, Maximizing the Harvest Garden Design Project, Public Space Gardens. Design Project 3: An Urban Farm – in Many Yards

March 2

The CSA Model, Farm vs. Garden, Making Shade Productive, Vertical Gardening, Succession and Long term Planning, Deep Food Security, Designing for Personal Resilience. Design Project 4: A Larger Farm in Smaller Pieces

March 9

Visions for the Future, Cover Cropping, Undercropping and Long Term Fertility, Larger Livestock, Becoming a Victory Farmer; After the Design Phase; Where to from Here? courses/ campus_farm/ syllabus
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