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April 30, 2012

Attending: Clare, Simeon, Mia, Jacquelynn, Todd, Kathryn
- Cameron wants to lead farm trip
- Simeon can’t make training session
- Could Emma help lead? She’ll be on the farm anyway
- Simeon could do leadership-training session somewhere else?
- Ad in the Town Crier for potential trip leaders
- Emma and Simeon wrote a draft this weekend
- Still organizing priorities/costs
- Money should be spent before school starts in August
- Tables/shelves for inside of greenhouse (Talk to Allison)
- Give specific amount for requested funds
- Todd will be responsible for issues with greenhouse
- Bring in someone who has managed a greenhouse before to teach us about how to use it
- Will be finished this fall
- $486.80 remaining for end of semester
- Will spend some on hay: $446.80 will remain
- Can go to tools
- New hose and plastic piping from fire pond to farm
- Use casing for hose even once it reaches the farm—much sturdier
- Whole project (hose, piping, fittings) will cost approx. $600
- Buy fire brick (about $1 a piece)
- Need straw, hay or sawdust (preferably straw)

April 23, 2012

Attending: Clare, Mia, Simeon, Todd, Kathryn, Matt Ollis, Emma Thacker, Sophie
- Made 8 on Work Day
- 4 installed; 4 yet to install
MAC GRANTS: HOW TO PROPOSE (Matt’s Presentation):
- Mac Grants = $10,000 to spend by end of semester
- We need to send an application to Matt, Jenny, and William by April 30
- Should have a Farm Committee proposal, instead of individual manager proposals
- Farm Committee apply for 60 hours a week over summer (or a total number of hours for the entire summer); we can allocate hours as we see fit (Simeon and Emma will work, Mia maybe part time)
- Farm as a cohesive unit—we can control how funds are divided if we submit one application - Build proposal over Farm Wiki page
- Mac Grants = 3 years of funding; we should look at making Farm Manager summer position permanent (add to college operating budget eventually?) build portfolio this year; data about what we did for the school for future applications
- What should the proposal be specifically: What’s the farm model going to look like for the next 20 years??
- Philip to help with formal, ongoing farm structure (official non-oversight)
- Fund distribution: might be 2 or 3 payments over the summer, could be lump sum in the beginning… we don’t know yet
- Simeon and Emma as farm workers over summer; supplement college funding if we get that
- Apply in sections, organized application: Greenhouse; Compost; General Maintenance; Planting/Preserving; Independent Projects
- Furnish inside of greenhouse—trays, shelves, tables, hoses, soil blocker
- Tools: wheelbarrow, tomato stakes, miscellaneous
- Pizza oven
- Move compost to new location?
- Build entry arch for Farm = make it more visible
- When greenhouse is built, plant area in front of it (flowers, herbs, perennials)
- Drying herbs/medicinal plants/teas
- Preserving (esp. cucumbers, tomato sauce)
- Tree removal between terraces; general, ongoing farm maintenance
- Hops trellis
- Ellen to create job position for us
- Part time for one person, minimum wage
- Rough promise we’ve known about for the last two months; no real details yet
- Do well this summer so next summer we can get a full time position
- Submit written report at end of summer; this is what we did, this is what we learned. Can help us receive funds in the future
- Include as many staff people as possible: work parties, potlucks, open afternoons
- Library staff and Jodi are particularly excited
- Staff-specific days: have meetings on farm instead of in buildings
- Donation CSA—locals and music festival people
- Coordinate with Ken to highlight farm during orientation
- Events on farm: harvest potluck, open mic without a mic, fire
- Simeon can’t make it to training; is there another time he could be trained?
- If Cameron does training, he and Simeon could co-lead
- Pizza oven with bridges students?
- Give coffeeshop tomato sauce

April 16, 2012

Attending: Clare, Mia, Simeon, Philip, Kathryn
- There is going to be a position for Farm Manager (part time, minimum wage probably)
- Simeon to figure out housing/if he can do it
- Get money from Mac grant to supplement salary
- Programming in addition to private farm work—bring in schoolchildren? Summer camp-y sort of thing
- Coordinate with Nathan Winters
- Wednesday, April 18
- Only raised bed construction
- Get soil delivered to put in them? (Philip)
- Did we get soil last year? Ask Jacquelynn
- We should be flexible—maybe help with greenhouse
- Dan got timbers for the greenhouse; will raise timber frame on Work Day!
- We have about $550 left in the Farm Committee budget (lasts until August)
- Get money for raised bed soil from Work Day Committee?
- Save some money for summer expenses and tools
- If we run over budget, we can go to Town Meeting and ask for more money—would have to do that before end of semester
- They don’t have funding, so we can’t do it this month
- Hopefully they’ll come back in September
- Open Mic?
- Movie in September
- Dinners with the Spanish cottage
- NO cups or forks!
- New signs in dining hall: cups only, food only, trash (not worrying about meat or bones in compost)
- Use paper cups in a dining hall pile demonstrating how many cups we use
- Make a scarecrow
- Tons of maggots and flies now—somebody dumped in meat or rabbit bedding
- Plant more in science building greenhouse
- Start preparing beds
- Pull up last of parsnips in garden
- Plant buckwheat (THIS WEEK!)
- Farm workday on Friday!
- Should get to rototiller and water after Work Day
- Organize love shack and area around it
- Watering schedule isn’t working well—should open windows in greenhouse
- Put out reminders for watering schedule

April 9, 2012

Attending: Clare, Mia, Kathryn, Philip

- Trim and move wood by next Wednesday (Work Day)
- Friday work day?
- Clogged pipes? Run water through to dislodge
- New hose = $500
- We don’t know exactly where far end of hose is
- Randy thinks it’s clogged/broken; should get a new hose
- Philip thinks we don’t need a new hose
- If clogged, probably at intake
- If we don’t keep it in the stream, it might not freeze and thaw so much; bury it
- Raised beds
- Cold frames
- Water hose
- NO compost?
- We have many projects to do still
- Project delegation!
- Meetings will be more involved if people have specific jobs—give reports

April 2, 2012

Attending:Clare, Maya, Mia, Shyloh, Todd, Kathryn, Philip, Jacquelynn
- Started more seeds this weekend
- Watering schedule is all set
- Need to start the 4-6 week bunch soon
- Will transfer big pepper plants in greenhouse to farm
- Simeon and Clare to make a garden plan this week (w-mail will go out if others want to join them)
- Cover crops now and till under in a couple weeks?
- Water: Can farm buy big water tank that fills up from the stream?
- April 21 at 2:00
- Industrial vs. small scale meat production
- Panel members:
- Nathan (Relly Bub)
- Sleepy Dog Ranch
- Jenny/Brian
- Someone from North End Butcher
- Work Day is April 18
- Educational element to Work Day: Nathan from Wilmington to help us?
- Philip got lumber
- Restore cold frames
- Make more raised beds
- Trellis for hops (once greenhouse is up, have hops grow up structure?)
- Trellis hops behind compost as well as ones in garden
- Scope out water situation (hoses from stream to garden/ice climbing wall)
- Clean up area behind compost
- Will get lumber by Wednesday
- Cut wood to length before Work Day
- On Work Day, nail pieces together (in parking lot)
- If we can’t finish on Work Day, Farm Committee can finish project later
- Currently renewing building permit
- Dan McArthur is building the timber frame
- Students help Dan at his workshop? Learn about process
- Timber frame = central part of greenhouse structure; other parts have stick framing
- Someone who knows about stonework to help build retaining walls
- Work Day project will be to prepare stick framing to get ready for timber frame’s arrival
- Dan has offered to work on it—we’ll ask if he’s still up to the task
- Could sell it broken
- Sell to Green Motors
- Craig’s List as last resort
- Cups = carbon source; decomposes very slowly
- Can we get another carbon source?
- Use dining hall cups as transplant cups (poke holes for roots)
- At least one workshop before end of semester
- American Meat film screening
- April 13 at 4:00
- EAC putting together alumni who are working in sustainable jobs to talk to students
- Shyloh will talk to T this week about building hive/drilling hole in science building
- SBC meeting next week to approve
- Plexiglass/glass frames so we can see inside
- Assembly will only take a week
- We submitted trip proposal
- Simeon and Cameron to lead (Shyloh is RA!)
- Farm Cottage will be cottage 5 again in fall!
- Mia, Simeon, Clare, and Evan are first in line
- Work Study farm manager position
- Funding through Cargill grant (for another worker too?)
- Housing won’t be included
- John Dunne to help out
- Music festival members will probably help in garden a bit

March 26, 2012

Attending: Mia, Kathryn, Clare, Simeon, Jacquelynn, Maya
- Started before break
- They’re doing really well (about an inch high)
- Need potting soil (Clare or Jacquelynn can get some by Wednesday)
- WORK DAY ON FRIDAY (afternoon)
- Set up station so people can go in any time and start seeds
- Need to make schedule
- Allison waters greenhouse—could water seedlings for us?
- Find out who work study student for greenhouse is
- Farm Committee should water seeds
- Monday: Philip
- Tuesday: Maya
- Wednesday: Mia
- Thursday: Clare
- Friday: Simeon
- Saturday: Jacquelynn
- Sunday: Jacquelynn
- Haven’t heard from Ellen
- Supposedly it’s going to be a paid position
- Clare met up with movie company’s intern in NYC over break
- We must set a date (last two weeks in April)
- On a Saturday afternoon?
- They will look for sponsors
- The director/creator will come up for screening
- Panel discussion will include local farmers and chefs
- Organize with person who is head of visiting lecturers/movies/etc.
- Sleeping Dog Ranch
- Relly Bub (Nathan)
- Jenny Ramstetter (or her husband)
- Meat CSA in Brattleboro
- Shitake mushroom growing workshop in Brattleboro
- Towards end of April; one day event
- $50
- At the end you get two inoculated logs
- Should do something before end of year
- Skill share
- Not working
- Simeon will investigate one day
- Two pipes/hoses (one to farm, one to ice wall)
- Need to be reimbursed for seeds
- Tools: hoe, spade
- We will take cottage 6
- Simeon will sign up to be house parent
- Need to pick advisor—Philip hopefully
- Simeon visited Alphabet city (NYC), urban gardening class
- Start peach trees from pits
- Freeze/refrigerate pits for 3 months alternating between the two every month to mimic winter
- Start pits in spring—crack open and plant
- They grow fast

March 5, 2012

Attending: Mia, Jacquelynn, Simeon, Kathryn, Clare, Maya, Sophie, Todd
- Inventoried and ordered seeds (about $100)
- Start seeds before spring break? (Friday morning? March 9)
- Working on garden plan (Coffee shop!)
- Deck-building Friday afternoon
- Contract with Don MacArthur to build timber frame (end of March)
- Build sills, framing, floor for silo (before timber frame comes)
- Todd to update us
- Class teaching proper greenhouse use/management (visiting lectures/workshops)
- Rebuild hops trellis
- Herb/flower garden in front of greenhouse (once built)
- Class in fall taught by visiting landscape architect
- Bring landscape architects to assess campus (ornamental)
- Theoretical and practical component
- Met with Ellen on Friday (March 2)
- Ellen is working on developing summer salary (is it enough? Don’t want to overshadow other summer worker salaries)
- Marlboro can’t provide summer housing
- Money through Cargill grant in future
- Contact John Dunham to help?
- Live with Allison Turner
- Marlboro might build housing to west of campus (long-term, might free up housing over future summers)
- Focus on one food per month
- Plant according to what they request
- Is happening!
- Shyloh (if not RA), Simeon and Cameron

February 27, 2012

Attending: Mia, Simeon, Kathryn, Shyloh
- Shyloh, Simeon, and Cameron
- March 3-4 (this weekend)
- Pro-farmer look at meat industry
- April – Yay!
- Gave Elliott seed catalogs to look through
- We will provide campus-grown food!
- Cucumbers (pickles), peppers, onions, tomatoes
- Put some of farm budget toward canning jars
- March 7 – First lumber delivery (from sawmill in Putney!)
- March 9 – have deck frame ready
- March 26 – have entire frame ready
- April: Rafters, silo, roofing
- Can it have a root cellar?
- Next Wednesday (March 7) at 8:30 am in Staples
- **Figure out summer Farm Manager position**
- Salary/stipend for summer likely; housing less likely
- Invite her to next Monday’s meeting
- Invite more community members
- Keep thinking of programs
- Plan more!

February 20, 2012

Attending: Jacquelynn, Randy Morantes, Maya, Clare, Kathryn, Sophie
- Help 4th graders in garden at their school
- Have students volunteer at Marlboro
- Rotating volunteer system for summer
- Produce food on Marlboro farm for elementary school cafeteria
- Summer salary for farm manager
- Housing on campus/money for housing off campus
- Work for music festival = housing and facilities use
- Industrial meat production & what small farmers are doing to combat it (Joel Salatin)
- Marlboro to host a screening and panel discussion with local agricultural people and the movie director
- Will happen in April
- Should start seeds in greenhouse in the next week or two
- Jacquelynn and Randy will be around over spring break
- Should put in more
- Easier weeding
- Plant something between raised beds (clover, indigo, flag stones?)
- Shyloh and Simeon
- Cameron?
- Stick PVC pipes down to middle and bottom so you don’t have to turn as often
- Allows airflow
- Work with agroecology class
- Herb garden by kitchen (Sophie, Standing Building Committee)
- Blueberries (Maya has NOFA notes, Jacquelynn has some purchasing info)
- Bees/Bee garden
- Build gardens throughout campus, rock rings (Mather, Dining Hall and Science building – retrofit existing flower beds; Randy and Jacquelynn over spring break/into summer) - Build another terrace?
- Window boxes on campus center, other buildings
- Hanging plants inside (ask Standing Building Committee? Who will maintain them?)
- Work study position to water gardens around campus? (bring up in Town Meeting)
- Apprentice farm manager position

February 13, 2012

Attending: Clare R., Shyloh, Kathryn, Jacquelynn, Mia
- Many Handouts!
- Mushrooming
- Grafting
- Lacto-fermentation
- Seed regeneration and regrowth
- Resilient systems
- Growing rice (good for groups) and figs
- Making connections!!
- Bring non-Marlboro people to workshops (Cargill grant?)
- Got tons of seeds!!
- NOFA knowledge
- Grow this semester?
- Workshop with Willie Finkel (walk?)
- Medicinal mushrooms! (Chaga tea, firestarter)
- Come to meeting next Monday?
- Shyloh will co-lead (with Simeon?)
- Deerfield apiary
- Build a pizza oven
- Vanishing of the Bees

February 10, 2012

Attending: Mia, Clare R., Simeon, Shyloh, Kathryn, Maya

- Gina wants to collaborate with Farm Committee
- One of our workshops this semester
- Vanishing of the Bees (Shyloh)
- Babe
- Charlotte’s Web
- Mia, Maya, Simeon, Sophie, Jude attending

- NOT bulk ordering through NOFA
- Will order in the next few weeks
- Canning workshops
- Garlic and Arts Festival (Seeds of Solidarity farm)

February 3, 2012

Attending: Clare R., Simeon, Mia, Kathryn, Sophie
- Clare ordered worms today!

- NOFA offers a discount for bulk ordering (by next Friday)
- Got seeds free from High Mowing last year, but forgot to take pictures with their sign – will they give them to us again? (Photoshop their sign into a picture?)
- Sweet Potatoes
- Flowers (Amaranth) in front of greenhouse
- Micro-greens?
- Feb. 10-12 at UVM
- College may pay for our attendance
- Agroecology class may want to go
- $40 a year
- Cooking workshop should include gluten free
- Movie next weekend (Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers, The Garden, Colony)

January 27, 2012

Attending: Maya, Clare R., Mia, Kathryn, Simeon, Philip, Agnes
WORM COMPOSTING (in Farm Living):
- Bins put together
- Have to get worms

- Move it out of the snow
- Get rid of it

- The Power of Community
- The Garden
- The Secret Life of Plants
- Colony (Other bee movies from Shiloh)

- Funding through Cargill grant
- Sustainable landscape design
- Forest gardening
- Permaculture
- Bread baking – pumpkin, zucchini
- Mushroom-growing workshop

- Once formed, invite Ellen
- Talk to her about summer position

- Plant too early = get too big = bad for transplanting
- Start seeds in April
- Order seeds in the next 2-3 weeks

- In a bin or someone’s loft
- Oyster, shitake, porcini, lion’s mane
- Start with a kit and collect spores?

Fall 2011

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December 2, 2011

Attending: Simeon, Clare R., Clare H., Kathryn, Hannah Ruth, Maya, Philip
- First tier (turnips)
- Second tier (beets)
- Third tier (Raised beds, kale, Todd’s stuff, compost, cover with straw)


- Clare wrote letter to Ellen
- In January, we want to talk about funding
- Ellen very excited/supportive (also for a root cellar)
- Marlboro North free all summer except 1st week in June (only option)
- Yurt below farm (Jodi)

- Programs/movies
- Focus on farm cottage
- Greenhouse
- Compost
- Classes – agroecology, sustainability
- Soil test
- Start perennial herb garden – lavender from Philip’s friend?
- Shyloh starting an apiary! (Have her do workshop)

- Crop rotation system
- Build more raised beds!
- Systematic record keeping
- Level terraces
- Interplanting and mulching in raised beds helps retain moisture
- Plant by road in front of greenhouse? Shady
- More land??
- Plan for how we want to develop farm in the next couple years
- Internships, staff position
- Supply coffee shop with veggies

November 18, 2011

Attending: Clare R., Maya, Simeon, Hannah Ruth, Kathryn

- Simeon (until end of the semester)

- Two 44 gallon plastic bins for leaves/sawdust and finished compost
- Smaller metal for wood ash
- Granger website (KP’s suggestion, we have a discount) – really expensive
- Put out ad on craigslist?

- $750

- Lacking phosphorus
- Apply manure to lowest terrace, especially
- Bone ash from Martina?

- Sometime this weekend
- Put work day announcements in Town Crier’s mailbox

- E-mail/briefly write to Ellen this semester
- Official letter in January

November 11, 2011

Attending: Simeon, Maya, Clare R., Hannah Ruth, Kathryn

- Planted garlic, spread compost, mulched
- Harvested kale, leeks, carrots, onions, shallots
- Turned compost

- Tuesday:
- Saturday: Collect leaves for compost
- Advertise work days better

- 2 big plastic containers finished compost
- 1 for carbon material (leaves, sawdust)
- 1 medium/small bin for wood ash
- To store finished compost to prevent nutrient loss, free up space
- $15-30 each
- Have Maintenance order and pay them back?

- Ask community members for ash from wood stoves
- Bin in parking lot as drop-off point for ash
- Use paper from computer labs, Mather
- Shred plates and cups

- Do we even need one?
- Sell/trash

- Presentation about Farm during ded. Hour
- Workshops
- Movie night – documentary

November 4, 2011

Present: Clare R., Maya, Philip, Hannah Ruth, Kathryn, Library Amber

- Took some to dining hall

- Sunny to send out info
- Letter of intent due in two Thursdays

- Work day next Wednesday
- Plant Garlic
- Turn Compost

- Shovel path = covered with snow
- To build easel-like protective covers
- Wood from Admissions building?
- Mulched with pine needles
- Woodchips from Jenny?

- Potluck tomorrow evening, 7:30

- Mushrooms
- Worm Composting

October 28, 2011

Present: Simeon, Clare R. Maya, Philip, Mia, Joanna, Hannah Ruth, Evan, Clare H., Travis, Kathryn

- Ellen wants farm manager paid over summer
- KP has root cellar information
- Vapor barrier below Kenny’s greenhouse - root cellar


- Divide beds into 3rd parts
- Make 3rd row? Too far up hill for drainage?
- Hay from Family Day
- Needs to be planted

- Need more seed

- Leeks
- Carrots
- Turnips
- Beets
- Kale
- Arugula
- Lettuce

- Decision in next few weeks
- Co-managers this spring
- Simeon, Mia maybe

- Philip to talk to Ellen
- Clare R. will write something up
- Institutional commitment to farm = manager should be paid

- Wants to come to a meeting
- Find out about how to bring library blueberries through winter

- Pruning?
- Greenhouse apple trees are outside (dead probably)
- Hire someone to consult with (Clarence? Zeke?)
- Mia to work at Scott Farm? Learn some by Thanksgiving
- Ellen afraid of how old they are
- Most apple trees on campus are Bulbin
- Part of a class?

- Collaborate with someone who knows
- Lisa Christianson probably to distribute Cargill grant funds
- Talk to Jenny about money and project proposal
- Two edible landscaping plans (Marlboro specific) in plan room

October 21, 2011

Present: Clare R., Maya, Hanna Ruth, Clare H., Kathryn, Simeon
- Tour of farm 12:00-1:45

WORK DAY: Wednesday afternoon (10/26)
- Planting Garlic (from Aqua Vide Farm through Ken, Fertile Fields, replant from this year's crop)
- Harvest leeks
- Bring squash to kitchen
- Some raised beds need work (cover crop, garlic)
- Collect/survey/retrofit cold frames (plexiglass?)
- Apples

- Too much hay - matting
- Truckload of sawdust
- Shred leaves from campus (rent shredding device?)
- EQC funds toward compost?

- Apples (sauce, butter, cider jelly)
- Beet jelly

October 7, 2011

Attending: Clare R., Simeon, Maya, Hannah Ruth, Philip, Kathryn

Blueberry field, sunflowers falling over

- Let plants die
- Let squash sit in the sun to cure
- Can probably pick them anytime now

- No water pressure
- Intake from the pond – disrupted since the flooding in August?
- Hoses don’t reach the fields
- Alternate watering cans – tedious
- Hoses run along parking lot – stuff gets pushed on top of them, they crimp

- Build platform of sunflower stems to turn compost onto
- Allows further airflow

- Prepare beds after Hendricks
- Plant in spring

- Day Camp:
o Marlboro Elementary students come in the morning 4 days a week to help out on farm
o Two or three Marlboro College students would live in Farm Living, work on farm
o Income from elementary school students participating would help fund housing
o Family could help take in a college student
o So many camps in area (farm camps included)
o Difficult to run a camp/ be profitable

- Housing:
o Tent pad by creek below farm
o Cabin behind Jodi’s house (no bathroom, electricity)
o Farm workers to work at kitchen too – food
o Kitchen jobs should have farm priority – fill up fast
o Start a fund to support summer Farm Manager (with Cargill grant money) – hopefully others would continue paying
o Summer salary not part of regular budget (govt. pays for work study)
o Summer salary/housing would let someone take care of the big, expensive greenhouse

- Talk to Todd
- Hoping to get timber frame up before the winter (Dan Cotter)

- There are eight we think
- None have glass except one outside campus center
- Any windows lying around that we can use? Put word into maintenance
- Can replace glass in old window frames ($5)
- Bring back down to farm

- Might not be feasible
o If goes to seed, it takes over
o Wouldn’t go to seed until June/July
- Sprouts before winter, survives under snow, grows some more in spring

- Buckwheat hard to thresh
- Rye seems easy/feasible (non-winter)

- Would be really cool
- Wood ash is useful

- Kristin didn’t harvest on Work Day
- Apple Sauce/Apple Butter making day soon

Marlboro North Cider Sale This Weekend:
- Marlboro Elementary School fundraiser
- We can go help out/see process


- Dry heads before collecting seeds
- Use stems as trellis?
- Use stems in compost

- Tuesday 2:30-4:30
- Putting beds to bed
- Turning compost
- Transplanting peppers to Science Building greenhouse

September 27, 2011

Attending: Clare R., Maya, Travis, Clare H., Hannah Ruth, Kathryn, Jacquelynn, Simeon, Philip

- Gave us $300 over summer from last year’s budget, but haven’t paid for it yet
- Cushion fund contains thousands of roll-over dollars
- Should try to spend Washer & Dryer fund (roto-tiller, weed whacker. Philip volunteers to keep them at his house)
- Food dryer


CARGILL GRANT: ($380,000); to see if we can get money for farm

- Goats (better than a weed-whacker)
- Summer housing for farm workers
- Educational Farm Field Trips
- Someone to teach us how to use a greenhouse
- Independent Farm Library (in greenhouse?), magazine subscriptions (Backwoods Home, Small Farmer’s Quarterly) - Simeon

- Invite community members to host
- Preserving food
- Composting

- Should be accessible for kitchen
- Below Farm Living/ Another building
- Below Greenhouse
- In boat locker

EDIBLE LANDSCAPING – Kathryn Sci. Writing Grant?
- Blueberries approved for slope below soccer field (SPC)
- Blueberries planted by library last fall are doing well
- Kristin’s Repertoire class, Jenny Ramstetter’s class to let forest grow onto lawns, do some edible landscaping
- Jacquelynn to e-mail out blueberry information


- Kristin to pick fruit
- Prepare for blueberries
o Add nitrogen (ammonium sulfate) 3-4 wks after planting
o Hill filled with loam, don’t know how much soil we have
o Funding may come from Work Day, but probably from Farm Budget
- Harvesting
o Kale, Squash, Melons, Tomatoes
- Turn Compost – Simeon
- Prepare for Winter
o Move Leeks, Peppers to Greenhouse
o Weed whack

- Weed whacker breaks every year
- Have Dan look at it
- Sell in Wed. Classifieds
- Rent a roto-tiller one day every year instead of owning?
- Should own mower and/or weed whacker
- If we remove stuff from path, maintenance will mow it for us, all the way down hill

- Simeon e-mailed Catherine O’Callaghan

- Can offer squash

- Possibly Simeon?

- Simeon to get up and running
- Jacquelynn to inventory – one outside Dalrymple, gym, some on the farm
- Should be placed in same general area (Cold frame field on farm) – easier to keep track of them
- Lead paint on them?
- On field by Clare H.’s apartment
- Soccer Field to east of stairs

- Unofficial Farm Work Day at 3:00
- Compost needs to be turned (on Work Day if not today)

- Maya will look into preserving melons

September 23, 2011

Attending: Simeon, Maya, Clare R., Kathryn, Hannah Ruth, Travis, Jacquelyn, Clare H., Philip
- Bear in compost: non-issue
- Cleaning up farm
- Compost
- Canning
- Pear and apple picking
- Cider pressing? (Apple Days)
- **Farm food to kitchen for Community Dinner
- Making Community Dinner after work day a LOCAL community dinner (Talk to Catherine O’Callaghan and Richie – also food committee)
- Travis to fix lawnmower (belt replaced? Have Dan look at it)
- Greenhouse – to be updated about (Todd)
- Spring semester – Clare and Matt Ollis to teach sustainability class; independent projects about greenhouse?
- Farm living blog – e-mail Clare R. contributions. Link from farm wiki page and sustainability page
- Compost Position (paid by EQC) – Simeon??
- Helping Jacquelyn’s mother in her garden next weekend
- Bylaws can’t contain payment info
- Farm Manager should be Spring-Fall, not Fall-Spring (Junior or Sophomore)
- Farm Manager expected to stay over summer if college provides housing and a stipend
- Large grant: portion to pay for farm manager/others to stay over summer (3 people, decent wage, for 4 hours a day maybe)
- Stipend at beginning of summer, but also paid through year (probably can’t be in bylaws)
- Payments/Funding throughout the year should be added to. Summer Farm Manager position should be a separate position, with new salary
- Clare Riley is the new Farm Manager
- Simeon is probably going to be the Assistant Farm Manager (will talk to Mia and Evan, send something to Town Crier)
- Make running list on chalkboard about what needs to be done on farm
- Possible farm work day next Friday (9/30/11)

Spring 2011

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May 3, 2011

Attending: Phillip, Matt, Clare H, Travis, Mia, Evan, Kathryn, Jacquelynn, Clare R
-Work days -- coming up next week -- doodle
-Saving language for next semester
-Evan has planted apple starts -- water them if you see them dry in the greenhouse
-Soil tests are being sent off today
-How many blueberry bushes do we need for both slopes?
-Using woods trip budget for buying blueberry bushes
-Transplanting blackberries and raspberries from the woods
-Transplanting tomatoes into bigger pots in the next coming week

April 19, 2011

Attending: Phillip, Clare R, Travis, Ellie, Clare H, Matt, Jacquelynn
-Evan planted beans
-Work Day - Friday afternoon 2-5pm - working on raised beds
-Checking to see if the soil is ready for tilling
-Go through seeds and make a calendar for when they are ready for planting
-Soil test this week preferably - Clare and/or Ellie can do it this week
-Change in language - talk about it next week - changing the language to have the manager employed for an entire growing season January though the coming winter
-Housing is the main hangup
-Getting berry bushes for Clare and Travis to plant on the slope over the summer - either coming from the farm budget or the extra money from Mather

April 12, 2011

Attending: Mia, Evan, Matt, Clare H, Jacquelynn, Clare R, Phillp
-Edible Landscaping ideas -- berry bushes (hardy bushes) on the top of the stretch below the soccer field
-Planting with raised beds in the stretch outside Random South, between the building and the woods
-Build maintenance into the design -- least amount of maintenance possible
-Asking admissions for shredded paper -- checking paper and ink content before putting it in the compost
-Standing Building Committee meeting tomorrow about apple trees, edible landscaping, and general planting things around campus
-Planting raspberries, blackberries, blueberries -- Where?
-Berries on soccer slope and forest edge by Random South (blueberries here -- acidic soil)
-On soccer slope suggestions -- Berries, Elderberries, Nut bushes?
-Growing cuttings from wild blackberries
-Buy raspberries and blueberries -- blueberries for below the 3rd tier, raspberries by the existing raspberries and alongside the forest edge by the farm -- get rid of the knotweed

April 5, 2011

Attending: Mia, Clare R, Jacquelynn, Kathryn, Clare H, Ellie, Evan
-Making signs for the compost! and recording temperature
-Asking Kyle about staying at Marlboro North for farm work over the summer
-Work Day: lumber beds with slight terraces and some drains, temporary fix; herb spiral
-Berry Bushes: below the 3rd tier, by the forest edge, helping with a swale
-Standing building committee next Wednesday at 8:30, Staples -- making a berry bush plan for the meeting
-Getting equipment for raised beds for work day: hammers and lumber
-Berry planning nest week at Farm Committee
-Thinking about a farm bridge trip -- who is going to lead it?

March 29, 2011

Attending: Clare H, Evan, Travis, Matt, Mia, Phillip, Ginger, Jacquelynn, Clare R
-Mia made a trip up to Hardwick and visited with the composting people up there
-We need more carbon!
-Asking Mather what they do with their throw-away paper
-Spending Mia (and others?) up to a workshop at their facilities in Hardwick
-Visiting Hardwick for the bridge trip?
-Need to turn all of the beds over again
-Coordinating with the work coordinator
-Composting Friday from 2-4pm (4/1)
-Watering schedule for the seedlings -- watering daily and opening and closing windows
-Clearing out the greenhouse, making room for the plantings -- house plants?
-Clean out squash and shelling beans
-Evan curious about tree grafting and propagating the apple trees -- using farm budget to pay for the supplies
-Growing starts either in barrels or in a nursery beds -- get them started so they can grow there for a couple of years
-Looking at plans of people who were working on the apple trees for information, general and specific to Marlboro
-Coming up with work day projects -- composting, making raised beds, general farm work, bed prep perhaps
-Contained wood raised bed for the third tier

March 8, 2011

Attending: Clare H, Travis, Mia, Jacquelynn, Matt, Clare R
-Compost work day on Wednesday (3/9 at 2pm)
-Need to turn all of the beds to heat them back up
-Turn two piles and make a third pile in the furthest section
-Scales -- hanging ones, about $100-150, could also get a cheaper kitchen scale
-Compost cart -- a more expensive, hard core cart -- about $200
-Making a more detailed re-draft of the language after spring
-Getting housing going for the fall

March 1, 2011

Attending: Clare H, Travis, Philip, Jacquelynn, Matt, Evan, Mia, Clare R
-Housing issues -- special interest housing for Cottage 5 and/or 6
-Summer housing still iffy, could be pieced together throughout the summer
-Compost hay bales have been found, talked to Jenny about getting sawdust, checking at workshop
-Compost: two nice functioning heaps, one pile of rotting food, far compartment ready to be turned
-Compost turning: 3/9 at 2pm
-Planting in the garden next semester:
-Two kitchen plots, a communal plot, a few little plots, some compost growing heaps for squash
-Attempt to have a work/take program
-Peas, kale, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, herbs, flowers(!), asparagus, squash, halloween pumpkins, watermelon, beets, growing greenhouse radishes, leeks, mushrooms in extra coldframes, chard, collards, eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, more onions, garlic, mia’s peppers
-Asking Jenny about her greenhouse needs
-Buying potting soil for planting in greenhouse
-Seed ordering for what else we need later this week, before spring break
-Still working on revising Farm Committee language

February 22, 2011 (Seed Sorting)

Attending: Jacquelynn, Mia, Clare R
-Met in the Science Building greenhouse, collected some peppers from the pepper plants, tidied up the greenhouse a bit, and sorted and recorded the seeds we already have
- Sorry if the classifications of the seeds are not strictly correct

February 2011 Seed Inventory

Root Vegetables







February 15, 2011

Attending: Matt, Mia, Clare H, Clare R, Jacquelynn, Philip, Evan
-Compost man can come for $700, still waiting on Lyceum
-Still need to uncover the hay to tend to the compost pile, compost is up in temperature, still not frozen
-Trying to keep record of the compost
-Buying a good set of farm scales with the spare $1500 to weigh produce?
-Making a chart in the Wiki page to keep track of the compost (Matt)
-New compost cart? wheels are almost falling off, axel broke previously, been welded multiple times, weight is damaging, different kind of cart -- garden way cart ($200-250)?
-Asking EQC for funding help for a new compost cart?
-Adding manure to the compost, is this best? With such a nitrogen heavy load? Really need more carbon
-Philip is going to try dig out the hay
-Is $700 really worth the compost workshop? Really need advise from a local who has been working with compost for ages -- Jenny’s husband
-Wood chips and sawdust from sculpture studio and maintenance and John Welan? Sawdust or hay? Using paper?
-Taking the snake’s bedding? The bird’s waste? Clare’s rabbit bedding?
-Potential budget: rubber boots for compost, new pick axe, replacement handles?, new garden cart. soaker hose, seeds, berry bushes, lumber to fix compost and make raised beds?, manure, soil building supplies, potting soil, workshop?
-Shelves are coming for the greenhouse
-Growing edible flowers in the greenhouse before spring
-Getting the peppers out of the greenhouse -- harvesting them
-Getting the third bed functioning what with the slope -- is terracing too labor intensive? Rather a series of raised beds might be easier
-Changing the farm manager position time from spring to summer to fall
-Looking into changing language with the selectboard -- Farm manager language is pending
-Kyle is open to the idea of housing farm workers in Marlboro North
-Renovation is still needed at Sheri’s house
-House sitter for Clare in the month of July -- farmer worker, perhaps something for Travis as well
-Applying for funds to get a food and housing funds for the over summer farm worker
-Seed sorting at some point, running an inventory
-Bulletin board meeting Friday afternoon (2/18) 2-4 pm

Fall 2010

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November 11, 2010

Present: Travis, Clare H, Ellie, Mia, Evan, Jacquelynn, Clare R
-Compost is not hot enough, piling up; we need to get the excess compost out to create more room
-Compost is getting down to the pile
-Work day -- Next Wednesday afternoon to get everything settled for winter
-Talk to Richie beforehand to tell him about the leeks
-Ellie is making posters to advertise
-Inviting ded-hours?
-Embankment on the third bed
-Putting berry bushes along the bottom of the embankment
-Using the tractor when Travis is using it for the greenhouse
-Setting up a meeting with the kitchen -- post Thanksgiving -- about planning for next year, what type of crops they would be interested in
-Getting to a point where the farm is generating some money back -- selling back to the kitchens
-Attend standing building committee before they go to town meeting -- Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 8am
-Edible Landscape Committee (Clare) -- getting people together for that project
-Tilling the second bed -- getting the weeds out
-Budget? -- is anything needed?
-Cart? -- has been welded, how long term is the fix though, should we invest in a new one?
-Chickens? -- waiting until we know someone can be here over the summer
-Having someone work in the summer -- figuring this out a little later down the semester, getting housing and maybe a food stipend
-Manager and two or three paid work study positions for the farm -- next select board meeting
-Seeds from High Mowing have arrived!
-Biodynamic/Farm talk? (Clare) -- how we can incorporate pieces of it into our farm?

October 28, 2010

Present: Jacquelynn, Mia, Ellie, Clare H, Clare R, Matt, Evan
-Farm notebook and papers have returned, will be in the Love-shack
-Compost cart has broken, and we need to get a new one
-Any new features that we want with a new cart? Brake?
-Taking compost down in a wheelbarrow? -- too many trips
-Right now compost is being taken down with locomotives the dining hall has
-Should try to fix the cart, and if not able to fix it, then buy a new one
-Mia will do cart research and bring us thoughts about new purchase
-Do we want people to put compost on the pile directly, or in front of the pile?
-Need to get the two old beds out, clear room
-Middle bed is getting hot (should be warmer though)
-Newest one is not as hot, successively should get warmer, but needs to be a bit warmer -- should not be getting cooler
-We update Evan on status of cart; Mia will talk to crew chiefs, and look at Agway and Brown and Roberts for potential carts
-We need to move hay down to the compost; there’s no more down there-- we’ve been using leaves
-When we move the old compost, we don’t want to also move the stuff we just turned; so we’ll just put the new stuff in the new, cleared stall
-Have we been handling the full volume from the kitchen? Can we handle the volume from the winter? Yes, we think. We’ll see
-compost may not be rising because there’s too much food and not enough brown stuff.
-if it smells like it’s rotting, too much food; if it smells like it’s dirt, too much brown
-Mia will continue to add the brown stuff. More manure? Jacquelynn will check for more manure.
-Another work day this weekend-- Saturday morning? 9:00 to brunch. Move hay down, tomato plants need to get put into their own pile, second bed can be weeded, compost screened and put on second bed with manure, same for third bed. Evan’s mulching in the space that’s wild between two garlic beds.
-Mia’s been recording compost temp, but hasn’t added to website yet
-The EQC once spent $700 on a stainless steel compost structure-- where is this?
-Mia stars in 1950’s style compost info ads around campus? Composting through the ages! (Seriously.)
-Mulch blueberries in front of the library on Saturday and cut them back heavily in the spring
-Tree steward -- involving trees further -- taking cuttings and starting dwarf trees in the garden
-Edible Landscaping committee?
-Planting sugar maples to keep our sugar bush going?
-Logging plans, clear cutting small patches -- planting nut trees?
-Creating an educational forestry discussion before doing any forestry ourselves -- Ken, Jacquelynn’s dad?
-Edible landscape lecture series? -- launching form this educational point and taking action for the campus
-Alternative agriculture/ garden management tutorial with Jenny -- having these speakers be a part of this class

October 21, 2010

Present: Evan, Jacquelynn, Travis, Clare H, Clare R, Matt, Mia
Talking to Randy about making a root cellar between Dining Hall and Mather
Have planted half of the garlic, need to get more for more planting
Evan suggests sheet mulching some of the beds
Farm work day on Sunday (?) to finish work on beds before winter
Farm Board in the Dining Hall needs to be maintenance
Compost Pile near the Dining Hall -- making it easier for regular composting to be a success
Talk with standing building committee when they plan their Dining Hall region plans -- talking about an herb garden and closer compost
Creating a smaller compost pile at the cottages, cabins, married student housing, Marlboro North (equipment?) -- Mia taking this on and picking the compost up once a week as a part of her work study job

October 14, 2010

Present: Evan, Jacquelynn, Clare H., Matt, Travis, Clare R.
-Tasks to do now that it has frosted
-Giving tomatoes in the greenhouse to the kitchen
-Pulling plants and prepping beds next week on Monday or Tuesday
-Planting berries? -- early spring so we don’t lose them in the winter
-Making a plan for planting in the spring during the winter
-Order 100 packets of seeds from High Mowing -- have to figure out payment
-Still three raspberry bushes on the other side of the old trench
-Giving food to the kitchen and then starting up a payment system come next growing season
-People working on the farm during the system working in the kitchen as well for extra money?

October 7, 2010

Present: Evan, Mia, Jacquelynn, Clare, Matt, Michael, Ellie
-Compost is not being taken down to the farm in the rain
-What is the farm committee’s job with the compost?
-Farm’s duty to maintain and care for the compost, but not to take it down (this being the dining crew’s duty)
-What should Mia be doing in the 5 hours of her work study?
-Acting as a coordinator, liaison, getting compost from other locations other than the dining hall, also the maintenance
-Addressing pieces of responsibility in the compost system
-Mia being in charge of coordinating turning--Evan, Jacquelynn willing to help--Mia organizing and getting people together
-Ideally, want heaps to get up to 140 degrees, when do we turn?
-Mia tracking temperatures, what is going on with the compost, help for future farm committees
-Mia researching getting compost from cabins and cottages
-Mia keeping track of hours for future compost work study students
-Michael suggests holding off expanding compost to the cottages and focusing on smoothing the kinks in our dining hall compost system
-Matt suggests just filling up the five hours with as much as can be done
-Clare says cold composting never actually heats up much, the pathogens don’t get killed, weeds don’t get killed, and takes a lot longer to break down, may not be best for our purposes
-Will our current system support our load? Yes, perhaps
-If we have too much compost matter, what about starting a cold compost to supplement the hot compost?
-Leaf mold--compost all out of leaves, takes about 2 years, collecting leaves and throwing leaves in and having compost in 2 years time
-Love shack door is fixed
-Trench is being filled
-Jam, Apple, Pie, Pesto, Pumpkin day? Hendrick’s Kitchen? When? Next Wednesday and Saturday?
-We have some surviving raspberries on the far side of the trench
-We can’t plant currants or gooseberries because they carry the same disease
-Elderberries require pruning
-Herb garden--dining hall arrangement being redone, integrating our herb garden into that or establishing where we can plant an herb garden outside of the redevelopment--spring job, just get planning done before the spring when we would actually plant
-Harvest amaranth? How? When? -- after the first frost, shake off the seeds, cook to a boil like quinoa
-Using greenhouse to pot peppers and a basil plant
-Planting spinach in coldframes
-Everyone looking for prices wherever they are, posting them on a nook forum
-Movie post on nook
-Apple harvest: ladders, collecting, calling Ken to press more cider, storing,

September 30, 2010

Jacquelynn: Role of the farm committee versus the role of the farm manager/assistant manager. Can we split up tasks and I can organize everything?
Matt: Committees in general need to agree on how much work they will put in as part of the committee.
Clare R: Breaking it down by task might be the best. We need to determine what needs to be done week by week and then determine who can do which tasks.
Mia: The role of the farm committee concerning the compost? That depends on what the EQA job turns out to be, but it’s something to consider.
Evan: What do you mean by a set amount of work?
J: Matt was suggesting that everyone commit to three hours per work, for example. That would include the meeting so then you would have two hours of work each week to do, maybe on a project or maybe on the farm.
Mia: I think we should break it down by project, especially since not everyone here is actually on the farm committee.
J: We’ll break it down by tasks then. Some projects for right now include planting an herb garden (Matt, Mia, and Clare R offered to help with this), talking to High Mowing Seeds about getting a seed donation, fixing up the bulletin board, getting supplies, possibly setting up movie nights-- do people think this is a good idea?--
Evan: I know of some movies-- The Global Gardener Series.
J: I’ll set up a thread on Nook so people can add to the list. Also, come with ideas for next time about fall planting. Is anyone willing to talk to High Mowing or William? They give Bennington free seeds, usually some strange varieties.
Evan: We can save some of our tomato seeds, too. I don’t know if you want to let one or two of the leeks go to seed. I’ve saved tomato seeds before. You just have to ferment the seed and it takes off the outer layer of seed.
J: Clare R said she’ll talk to William. For the bulletin board: I’m going to get wrapping paper for the background and decorate the bulletin board with relevant information.
Clare R: We should use photos from when we had our farm trip so there are pictures of people that are actually students right now on the farm.
J: Work day schedules for 10:10 and just in general. Clare R said she would do work days on the weekends. For 10:10:10, we talked about building compost on the fields, planting garlic. We’ll do work blocks on Saturday (Parents’ Day) and Sunday morning.
Travis: I’ll work on using the rototiller for the beds.
J: Something else we talked about was having fun days down on the farm.
Ellie: I was also thinking in terms of my own dorm programming having some chem-free bonfires at the farm to have people come down and hang out.
Phil: Can you make that happen?
Travis: I don’t know if we can officially have fires down there.
Ellie: You just need to get a permit.
Phil: I don’t know if there’s still produce to eat, but having a big food-fest down there?
Matt: Are we doing pumpkin carving this year?
Ellie: You should talk to Kenyon as that is her purview in her job at the OP. She’s the rec coordinator.
Mia: We should make pies for Parents’ Day. Or we could make jam.
J: So we’ll have a harvest-fest/baking/jam-making-fest.
Travis: We should also use some of our apples for saucing.
Evan: We also don’t have to do this all now. If we are able to store apples, we’ll have them for a while ideally.
Travis: The best saucing apples are the ones already on the ground.
Phil: Do we have ladders for picking apples?
Travis: The OP has at least one ladder.
J: Maintenance should have ladders. Would we be able to borrow from them?
Travis: I had two other thoughts for things to do. We had talked about cold composting on the lower bed.
J: We’ve been dumping compost on the lower tier.
Evan: Why would we be building compost on the lower tier?
J: We’re worried about having too much compost so we’ve been talking about building compost on the lower tier. We’ve also been talking about building between the fire pit and the pond.
Travis: The second thing I had was: Can we mow a lot of the grasses back? Some of the things I need access to for the greenhouse are buried under grass right now. There’s a mowing attachment for the tiller. That’s something I should look into. Besides the beds, are there places I can’t mow?
Evan: Someone said you’re supposed to cut them down but there’s a pretty well-established hop vine.
Travis: Kenny said there’s some attachment to it, I’m not going to touch that. It might be the oldest plant down on the farm.
J: Are you still using that pile of rocks for the greenhouse? Of the bigger rocks?
Travis: If you wanted to take some that would probably be fine. We may be using some of the rocks but I don’t have attachment to that whole big pile.
Phil: Backfilling the greenhouse is in the cards sometime soon? What about that trench for the drainage? Can we fill that in? It’s a hazard.
Travis: I have no clue where Kenny left the drainage.
J: There used to be a path that went all the way down the garden that is now a ditch.
Mia: The only berries that make sense to plant in the fall are blackberries, but I don’t know if I believe this. Why blackberries and not raspberries and blueberries?
Clare H: The library said they can plant in the fall and the bushes will just go dormant over the winter.
Phil: Where are you going to buy the plants? I would recommend not buying from Agway.
J: I was thinking of getting our plants from Norse farms. We were thinking of banking up the bottom tier with berry bushes.
Evan: I’ve seen perennials holding a terrace. That would work out.
J: I also don’t know where we would get the labor to build a retaining wall. Would people be interested in trying to get some berries this fall? Any suggestions on what berries to plant? I was thinking elderberries, blackberries, blueberries...
Evan: Maybe we should put the elderberries someplace else, I’ve seen elderberry plants that get really tall.
J: I’ll look into berries. If we fix the love shack door, what do people think about putting a combination lock that the committee knows so less tools disappear.
All: Good idea.
Phil: Maybe there could be a sign-out sheet for people that borrow tools so we know who took them if they disappear.
J: So we need to fix the love shack door.
Phil: I’ll try to fix it.
J: Should we till in the fall? I’ve heard that we should, that we shouldn’t.. I don’t know.
Phil: I think the main thing is that you want to get the weeds out. You could go around yanking weeds depending on how many weeds there are.
Matt: Maybe we should till one and not the other and record the differences.
J: The top tier is really compressed so maybe we should do that one. Jenny is going to do a tutorial in the spring on alternative agriculture.
Phil: Has anyone considered buying manure?
J: We actually have a pile. I got it from Kevin Hamilton.
Matt: I definitely think we should get more of that.
J: I think that’s everything I have for today. I guess we should start doing budgeting stuff or at least thinking about it, so start thinking about it. Does anyone know what’s happening with the maple trees this spring?
Phil: Different people come and use the maple trees. He seemed really happy to have students come and help him.
J: We could do a small run if anyone’s interested.

September 23, 2010

In attendance: Matt Ollis, Clare Riley, Clare Hipschman, Kathryn Lyon, Mia Bertelli, Ellie Roark, Jacquelynn Ward
-Assigned Assistant Farm Manager Position to Clare Riley
-Contacting farm participants? Wiki? Nook? Email?
-Building up the Wiki page, using email for instructions, quick, mass or specific communication
-Using Nook to contact the entire community, sending emails to participants once they have subscribed to a farm forum
-Facebook page? How do we access it? Linking the farm facebook page to the Marlboro College facebook page?
-Selectboard treasurer will set up an account for the farm and our profits
-How much money should we charge for our vegetables when we are selling them to the community?
-Keeping selling internally is fine by regulations
-Checking local co-op and farmer’s market prices to get an idea of what we should sell our produce for
-A scale for weighing produce?
-Buying garlic, buckwheat, winter rye, and screening for the compost--to be taken out of the budget
-A whiteboard for the farm
-Figuring out the budget system--spending money and then getting reimbursement with receipts, or cutting a check written out directly to the person being paid (not to Jacquelynn)
-Free test seeds form High Mowing?
-Planting garlic and berries for the fall/winter? (borrowing berry bushes from other people)
-Planting black currants from Matt’s friend’s cuttings?
-Weekend workdays--Clare, Matt
-Compost--how will it work in the winter? transport-wise?
-Compost is now the Dining Hall Crewchief’s job under the bylaws
-Making signs for the compost bin and tables and bulletein board spreading compost awareness as to what can and can’t be composted
-Mia will talk to Dane and Garth about compost duty
-Turning the pile, adding hay should be apart of the compost work study duty and the farm committee’s duty
-Building up a second compost heap with hay on the lower bed
-Extending compost systems to all kitchens on campus and devising a winter system and adding moisture to the piles (Mia)
-Fixing the love-shack door
-Farm design tutorial in the spring with Jenny
-Talk with High Mowing or William
-Start making a plan for fall planting
-Movie nights, harvest nights?
-Local food dinner on 10/06 using as much farm food as possible

Spring 2010?

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April 2, 2009

Update about the status of the farm-- planted broccoli, tomatoes, kale, basil (sweet, tulsi), onions, leeks, peppers. Greenhouse is now mostly full. We need shelves!Two cold frames planted with kale and spinach.
Farm summer budgeting: We mostly agree that farm manager should keep most of the profits as payment for working full-time, with 15% going back to the budget and some going to the food-bank. Someone suggests that instead of doing it by percentage, the profits fit a certain amount and anything beyond that goes to the farm manager. Also, we're looking into selling to restaurants in town. We do want to set aside produce to give to arriving families of new students on the first day of the next semester and for a community dinner.
We're also seeking a farm apprentice to work over the summer and who would be the farm manager next year. This person would also receive some of the farm profit (if we make a profit.)
Cold frames need a schedule of people checking on them.

Fall 2009

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November 20, 2009

Terraces <--- Andrew is interested in building more terraces. He'll be doing research on that.
Transplanting into cold house <--- lean-to cold-house is almost finished. We've been working on toughening the greenhouse seedlings, adjusting them to the cold. We'll be moving them in once the cold-house is finished and they are toughened.
Compost meeting 3:30 Coffee Country <--- A Brattleboro meeting about coordinating with restaurants in town to take out their compost. We have space for some town compost. Eva and Erin attended.
Blueberries order <-- Blueberries (Bluecrop variety) will be ordered this week. Six plants at five dollars a plant. (Potential raspberries from Matt O’s friend, also Gail MacArthur)
Allison meets with us about the greenhouse– renovating, temperature and humidity monitor ($200-300), shelving, controlling humidity, designs and plans of varying levels of sophistication and expense. Farm Committee members will make plans about how they want to structure the greenhouse for the next meeting and we'll make a report to Allison and Jenny after.
Community involvement <---Green mountain or SIT field trip, next semester
Ph test <-- Allison gave me (Erin) a ph test after the meeting to test the farm soil.
(Minutes submitted by Erin R.)

October 30, 2009

1) Ded Hour Matt is bringing his ded. hour down to the farm. We could each talk to a couple faculty members about bringing their ded hours down to the farm.
2) Work Days
Thursday 1:30 - 4 <--- Andrew
Saturday: 1:30 to 3 <--- Work on the greenhouse lean-to. Maddie.
Tuesday 1:30-3:30 Lean to work Erin and Matt.
Wednesday: 1:15 - 3:30. Everyone!

3) Alumni who worked on the farm could be invited down to the farm
Matt talked to SIT farm manager. Wants to be involved. Let's go visit their farm in the spring! Talk to them about doing joint workshops.
Apple gleaning: Meeting people in dining hall at 8:30. Pick up Eva at 9. meet with the eqc about funding Monday 8:30 go to request money, email them. up to five people to go.
Bulletin board -- schedule
Leaf pattern cups work but not plain ones can be composted. Compost procedure signs in dining hall, by the compost, downstairs.
Light for compost -- parking lot flood light turned on according to KP. If that doesn't work we'll buy a light and look Matt's research on lights.
Tim has a soil testing kit.
(Minutes submitted by Erin R.)

October 17, 2009

1) Welcome new farm managers
2) Andrew suggests building coldframes
3) pick up leaves in town
4) old farm managers meet the new tour
5) fix roda tillar

October 2, 2009

1) congratulations on compost language
2) Farm managers
3) Work days
4) Work Day (Tuesday,
5) Greenhouse:

September 23, 2009

1) Send another doodle with proper times
2) Compost language
3) Greenhouse Watering Schedule
4) Farm Managers
5) Farm Work Days
A) Tim, Anna, Erin

September 22, 2009

new doodle: administrative link: doodle to find a meeting time: administrative link:

September 11, 2009

Welcome 8:30am
1) Welcome and pancakes 2) Response from last years Farm Managers
Old Business 8:45am
1) Update on the Greenhouse 2) Documenting farm activity to create institutional memory
New Business 8: 55am
1) Hiring New Farm Managers
2) The state of the compost system
3) A "Work Program" at Marlboro
4) Farm Work Days and projects
5) Next Meeting Time?

September 5, 2009

a conversation between kenny, ayla, mairead.

Spring 2009

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June 1, 2009

Kenny, Anne, and Philip had a meeting on the Outdoor Program Porch
Kenny wanted to check in with Anne, hear Philip's perspective, and move some projects forward

May 14, 2009

What to do with produce and whether or not to sell it
Other tasks
Tuesday Sam Lowenthal 603-236-9683

May 7, 2009

letter from an old farm manager
hey farm managers, I saw on the farm website that zuchinni and squash is being planted tomorrow. in checking the last frost date for bellows falls VT (which has a very similar climate to marlboro) it says it's the 28th of may ( things like zuchinni and squash like hot dirt, and as far as I know they are always planted after the last frost date. last year we planted ours around the 28th and they were still a little unhappy at the low temperatures we have up here. tomorrow night it's supposed to get around 47 F, and sunday monday tuesday it might get down to 39. also, you might consider hardening the seedlings off before planting them outside: have they ever been outside the greenhouse? hope the end of your semester is going well, geo

May 7, 2009

Agenda: greenhouse (i met with the miller and found free glass), transplanting, building more tiers, walker farm (then ester's house?), summer involvement, and what to do with produce.
2)transplanting during work day tomorrow at 1:30pm
3)built another tier
4)bridges trips
5) RA orientation towards sustainability
6) walker farm

next meeting
1)summer involvement
2) what to do with produce
3) farm's income

April 21, 2009

morning farm meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda

Actual Meeting
Workshops at Marlboro
Walker Farm's Spring Gardening Seminars (
Farm Work Day Today
Visiting Other Schools
Planting Schedule Update
Selling Produce
Revisit Long Term Short Term Goals
Woods Trips
Orientation Activity
Workshop -john bean 347-604-0880 -Erin - 978-857-3007 -eva

next meeting -what to do with produce -selling produce

April 23, 2009

April 16, 2009

Farm Managers Meeting
8Get From Finckle

April 9, 2009

Meeting at the Dinning Hall
1) On the schedule:
Meeting Began at 8:50am
2) planting--
3)community involvement
4)sustainability house (greenhouse)
5)survey the students about the greenhouse design

March 12, 2009

Meeting began around 8:35am. In attendance: Megan, Philip, Kenny. Later: Isaac and Eva came.
We spoke primarily about the greenhouse design which the farm committee plans to begin building late in the semester. The greenhouse design presented includes a 14' Silo entryway(also airtight space in winter) into a 16' wide by 50' long by 4' deep (if possible due to shelf) greenhouse. The north and south walls will be 60 degrees to maximize winder growing and be symmetrical (fitting comfortably into Marlboro's "farm building" architecture). Potentially Solar Hot water heaters will be installed into the building to provide additional warmth to heat sinks. Insulation on the north side of the building must be done well -- spray in cellulose (costs?). Kenny plans to have a purchasing order by the end of spring break so we can begin contacting suppliers (trying to get as many materials donated as possible) to figure out prices.
Community Involvement: We need to establish a Work Day activity of moving rocks from the rock pile to the garden. Hopefully can commandeer a couple trucks as well as bucket loader driven by a maintenance person. Can we get Jeff Putnam to drive the baco? Can we use Sam's truck? Any other big trucks? (ask the community in town crier)
Greenhouse: Building material is now hemlock 2x6s, as recommended by Dan M. (Ask dan where he buys locally. Also, Tim Hamilton does hemlock in Brattleboro.) Kenny estimates the total cost of these would be $900 (from this website: Given the price, Kenny is beginning to think harvesting our own wood would not be worth the hassle. Also, there was lots of discussion about how feasible or expensive using sliding doors would be. Plan to use plastic in the short run...

Rough lumber list (not including nearly everything)
South wall 27 - 2x6s at 16' $9 each $243
27 - 2x6s at 14' $8 each $216
27 - 2x6s at 10' $6 each $162
Community Space
16 2x8s 16' $13 $208
8 2x6s 10' $6 $48
Total: $877 all wood is hemlock
(more to come)

February 12, 2009

pre meeting agenda: a. change to meeting times b. academic incorporation with the farm c. event/workshop planning d. options for food recipients during the summer e. questions for an incoming student admissions survey f. regarding the farm and agriculture.
Amended Agenda:
1. Welcome new members a. overview of projects b. any questions 2. News a. updated website b. finished seed-planting calendar c. meeting with Don this afternoon 3. Business a. Farm Manager -legislation -housing -pay b. Greenhouse -meeting -funding
-overview of what we've done -composting system -community involvement greenhouse -what's happened -Megan is going to check on the agricultural grant -ask Mark about alumni Business -Farm Manager Legislation - New Minutes -give ideas to Megan -email everyone the 3 year plan about the farm
The Farm's Future
-CSA -Community Involvement
Random Ideas:
-Stone benches
Questionnaire for Admissions:
-Would you be interested in studying agriculture at Marlboro? -Would you be interested in a community run farm at Marlboro? -Would you be interested in a community greenhouse? -Would you be interested in a helping maintain a student run greenhouse at Marlboro?

Farm Minutes:
-(kenny's idea) I should type, finish and email off minutes at the end of the meeting so it gets distributed immediately. IF someone else wants to edit the version online they should do so-- But I think it should be emailed out immediately so it doesn't get sucked into the list of "things to do" for busy kenny. -I'm going to make a new page on the website for Minutes where we can list every meeting's minutes
Tasks to do:
-Can someone look at these websites and figure out how these schools function and what we might learn form them? - -/ - - -
Next Meeting:
--> 12th March at 8:30 --Greenhouse presentation by Kenny -(Clarify phases for completion)

Fall 2008?

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September 30, 2009

Anne and Georgios began by discussing planting habits in the past. Georgios mentioned he spoke with the women that is looking after the goats. Some folks mention we should discuss composting because its expanding to include the kitchen’s scraps and leftovers. The group comes to agreement that better structure is needed. We decide to ountline the three year plan. And as we discuss it, we’ll cover every farm issue.
3 year plan
First, we list an overview of different issues that we hope to address during next three years.
-Greenhouse -timeline -design -build -Compost -volunteers bringing it down -compost infrastructure Research needed on composting processes. The group is in disagreement to number of turns necessary -Animals (goats, rabbits) -Group votes to support discussion of animals run by farm. Everyone gives a thumbs up. -Social spaces -Friday work day, or formal work day? -Terraced beds (not think about it this semester) -Make a few more -Herbal spiral -Joella will strategize during winter -Community involvement -Friday Work Days -Wednesday work day -Composting -Think of strategies for spreading the word. -Town Crier -Nook -Word of mouth -Visual posters -Dinning hall board (connecting with other groups, EQC and Food) -Farm managers (the new ones rock[one of them typed this]) -Solidify paperwork of position -Salary -Subsidized housing during summer -Strategize -Website -Erosion -Record keeping

Timeline We decided to create a timeline to track when to do each project.
Before Snow
-How to -Volunteers -Infrastructure
-under debate
-Georgios will address personally
-Social Spaces
-Work day potentially. Kenny will coordinate.
-Herbal spiral Preparation
-Record Keeping
-Farm Managers -Post Minutes in Dinning Hall
-Work Day
-Build more compost space (?) -Build social spaces -Mow everything and turn soil
-Farm Manager Position
-Erosion Control -Improve terraces -Make more
-Turn soil -Plant Cover crop -Build social spaces (Benches, Tables, Stone walls for paths) -Build another composting structure courses/ campus_farm/ Minutes
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